Gábor Hódos Web Developer

I have passionate in coding. Love to see how the code is growing line by line and become something complex, unique system which functional and useful at once.

I have good understanding and experience in PHP programming which is my main skill. I worked with Yii Framework, Laravel and custom made codes as well. I know frontend technologies as well, like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, Reactjs and nowadays mainly Livewire. I use Git and Docker in my daily routine and have a good experience in DevOps.


I used to work as a mechanical engineer from 2002 to 2017. I liked that job but I always felt something is missing.

When I was young I started programming on Commodore 64 in Basic language. Later in Pascal. Then I skip a lot of time becuase I went on another way as career. In 2008 I got back to programming. First I learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics. Then I created websites based on WordPress but the main focus was internet marketing and SEO.

As the time passed SEO became more and more difficult and hard to achieve success. And I realized that the most enjoyable part of the process for me was building website. This was when I decided to learn programming in PHP.

Hard Skills

Web Developing

90% Complete

I love creating systems in PHP. I continuously learning while working. In the beginning I created web applicatons in native code. Later I found Yii which is a very powerful framework. Nowadays I am working with Laravel.

80% Complete

Of course I need HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge in my works. And I love to create the whole project from backend to frontend. This way I can create fully functional amazing backend systems.


100% Complete

I have a good understanding in Git version control. I actively use it in my daily work whether I work alone or in a team.

90% Complete

I have a good understanding and experience in Docker. This system is so flexible and wide so there are plenty of opportunities using it. of course there is plenty room to get better knowledge.

80% Complete

I can install, operate, update, make secure VPSs. My favorite operation system is Ubuntu, but I have already worked with CentOS 7 and Debian 9 as well.

Soft Skills

100% Complete

I beleive in and enjoy lifelong learning. Not just professionally, but as a person developing myself and gathering a lot of knowledge.

100% Complete

I think I am a thrustworthy man. Both in my personal and professional life. I try to maintain a healthy professional/persional balance as well. I always try to do my best and clearly communicate if something went wrong.

90% Complete

I think I can communicate properly, adequate and clearly. Despite I don't talk to much when I try to explain something, but I do it in fully understandable manner.

Professional Experience

2016 -

Full Stack Web Developer

Budapest, Hungary

I began learning Backend and Fronted Developing and I love it. Now I have more than + years experience in active coding. The best part of this job is I can continuously develop myself and it is a never ending story!

2008 - 2016

IM/SEO & WP Developer

Budapest, Hungary

I created many WordPress sites mainly for myself and do a lot SEO on the purpose to make money by affiliate marketing. I learnt a lot about internet marketing at this time.