Gábor Hódos web developer
  • Name Gábor Hódos

  • Age 42 Years

  • Location Budapest, Hungary

  • Experience 6+ Years

  • Career Level Senior

  • Phone +36 (30) 236-7118

  • E-mail gabor[@]hodos.me

  • Website cv.hodos.me

I’m a Web Developer

I have passionate in coding. Love to see how the code is growing line by line and become something complex, unique system which functional and useful at once.

I have good understanding and experience in PHP programming which is my main skill. I worked with Yii Framework, Laravel and custom made codes as well. I know frontend technologies as well, like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, Reactjs and nowadays mainly Livewire. I use Git and Docker in my daily routine and have a good experience in DevOps.

100% Complete

PHP is my main expertise. I love coding in this language and parallel continuously learning.

80% Complete

I had to learn frontend techniques of course, because there is no backend without frontend and vice versa.

90% Complete

Nowadays I try to catch up with new technologies which make life and developing easier.